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List Feed

Stack supports Twitter feeds via the Twitter Fetcher plugin by Jason Mayes and works simply by replacing the data-feed-name attribute with the Twitter account you'd like to embed.

Use the optional data-amount attribute to limit the number of results displayed in the feed.

The feed below would show the 3 most recent tweets from the Medium Rare twitter feed.

<div class="tweets-feed tweets-feed-1 bg--secondary" data-feed-name="mrareweb" data-amount="3"></div>

Slider Feed

To convert the feed into a slider, simply add the class .slider to the tweets-feed element. You can also customize the slider using the data attributes described on the Sliders element page.

<div class="tweets-feed slider" data-feed-name="mrareweb" data-amount="5" data-paging="true"></div>

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